I'm in my eighth year of intuitive healing work, and at a point where I feel ready to offer this to others. If you know my writing, you know I've been in some pretty dark places. It is through finding my way out of these dark places that I've found my strengths as a healer.


    How did I get into this kind of work?

    I kind of fell into it. I took a Reiki workshop back in 2009 with a friend of mine in New Mexico who is a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master. I did Reiki on myself for about a year, and it worked wonders for my chronic insomnia. When I was raped by an acquaintance and the police dismissed my report as false, I thought I was done with intuitive healing and with life.


    After about a year of floundering and struggling with PTSD symptoms I had no idea were part of rape trauma, I landed in a psych ward with suicidal feelings. When a nurse there told me that what I was experiencing was a normal reaction to being raped and the subsequent victim-blaming that went with it - and told me he had every reason to believe I could get better - I decided to dedicate my time to healing and jumped back into Reiki. I also found another healing modality by chance, and this is where I got my shamanic training.


    After a few years of this work, I wanted to go deeper, and I ended up finding Mary Shutan online, whose teachings I work with today. After a lifetime of seeking to heal childhood domestic violence and several years unpacking my own rape trauma (and the ways I was conditioned to perpetuate rape culture and accept abuse), I finally feel, for the most part, grounded and mostly safe in a world that is often terrifying. My goal with offering these sessions is to help others feel more safe, too.


    What does intuitive healing do?

    At its core, energy work provides a safe container for us to heal. I strive to provide a non-judgmental space for folks to process the intense feelings that inevitably accompany trauma. I've learned a lot through my personal experience healing from sexual and domestic violence, and while intuitive work is just one of the tools I have used, it has been a tremendously helpful tool that I love to share with others. Reiki also works long-distance, so you can have a session from anywhere in the world. I offer phone/Skype/e-mail consultations as well as in-person sessions and am willing to work within your financial situation if I sense that I can help you.


    If you're curious about what this work entails or think you might want to try a session, feel free to give me a call or send me an e-mail. I'd love to meet with you to see if we're a match.

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